Mercy Adolescent Weight Management Program

A 6 month program that works with teenagers and their families to develop and hardwire healthier habits!

The program meets every Monday evening for 2 hours and includes a multi-disciplinary approach with hands on learning:


  • Teenagers receive an initial dietary assessment, and then a plan with continual support and review.
  • Each month families learn about and discuss nutrition topics such as; label reading, shopping, dining out, meal planning and fluid & fiber.
  • Teenagers and families enjoy opportunities to create recipes and try new foods.


  • A large part of the program is working with families to facilitate behavioral change, improve motivation and build confidence in the family’s ability to achieve new lifestyle habits.
  • Each month families learn and discuss behavior topics such as; building healthy self-esteem, time management, eating triggers, motivation, and building effective problem solving skills.
  • Teenagers receive an initial behavioral assessment. If needed, services of one-on-one in depth counseling may be provided through our partner Harbor Behavioral Healthcare to further aid the teenager’s weight management journey in conjunction with our program.


  • Teenagers exercise weekly with our exercise specialist who makes exercising fun and age appropriate!
  • Parents are encouraged to join in workouts throughout the month.
  • Included in the program is a membership to Mercy Weight Management’s gym so families can come and workout together throughout the week for added physical activity time.


  • Medical services are available as needed or requested.

Phase 2

  • After completion of Phase 1 families are encouraged to participate in Phase 2 which provides continual support in weight loss/weight maintenance with emphasize on exercise, nutrition, and goal setting.

If you are or know a teenager struggling with weight management, please call the Mercy Weight Management Center at 419.251.8760 or register online for a free information seminar.

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