Group Lifestyle Balance™ Program

A program designed for patients whose medical conditions could be improved through healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss.* The lifestyle changes can help patients lose weight through healthy eating and being more physically active.*

The program consists of 90 minute group medical visits which can be billed directly to medical insurance (Patients are responsible for any co-pays and co-insurances). The group format provides an ideal venue for patients with chronic conditions to join together to learn about their diseases and make incremental changes that may improve their health.* In addition, group visits allow more time for education and relationship building and allows us time to provide patients with accurate information on nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being.

Throughout the course of the program the following topics will be explored:

Welcome to the GLB Program Ways to Stay Motivated
Be a Fat and Calorie Detective Preparing for Long Term Self-Management
Healthy Eating More Volume, Fewer Calories
Move those Muscles Balance Your Thoughts
Tip the Calorie Balance Strengthen your Exercise Program
Taking Charge of What’s Around You Stretching: The Truth About Flexibility
Problem Solving Looking Back and Looking Forward
Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out Mindful Eating
Slippery Slope to Lifestyle Change Stress and Time Management
Jumpstart Your Activity Plan Standing Up for Your Health
Making Social Cues Work for You Heart Health

The program begins with a medical visit for an assessment with our nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner may order blood work and an EKG at this visit.

After that patients enter into the 12 month Group Lifestyle Balance™ Program where we will help them reach a healthy balance between what they eat and how active they are. The program starts off meeting weekly for the first 3 months, then transitions to bi-monthly visits for 2 months, and then the year finishes with monthly meetings. At any time during the program the nurse practitioner would be available for individual appointments as needed.

Currently, all Group Lifestyle Balance classes meet during the day. Please call 419-251-8760 for more details.

Session times vary throughout year. We will provide a detailed schedule during the first medical assessment.

The program does not include exercise but Mercy Weight Management offers program participants a gym membership at a discounted cost.

Mercy Weight Management also offers group exercise classes and personal training sessions.

Please call 419-251-8760 for more details.

*Each person’s weight loss challenges are different.There is no guarantee of results and vary for each individual.


Please give us a call at
419.251.8760 and we’ll be happy to give you more information about the support group you are interested in.

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